It took me forever to finally visit Mimibuloveme. When I went on a Saturday afternoon, the store wasn’t opened and that was very odd. I was angry because there was no notice about different opening hours and when they were supposed to be opened, they were not. I even searched all over their social media pages to find that all of their updates were outdated. Apparently, Mimibuloveme is big for not opening on their opening hours.

I finally went at a time when they’re opened – 10:30pm, 30 minutes before they close. It was a surprise to find that the store was not too busy and it just a good amount of people. The store was small with high and low tables. Service was very attentive and the parfaits came pretty soon after ordering them.


The appearance was not only colossal but also very Instagram worthy. I’m unsure if the taste is as great as the display.


Matcha Green Tea Parfait

I’m usually not a fan of matcha but their ice cream was actually moderately strong with its tea flavours. Mix  it in with the other ingredients, the matcha flavours are lost and it just becomes a large spoonful of sweetness.


Hedgehog Parfait

For both of the parfaits, the biggest downers were those disgusting hard exterior with a soggy interior corn pops.

The hedgehog parfait had no wow-factor and it tasted like a normal chocolate parfait. The chocolate cake did it some justice but the marshmallow made it even soggier with the corn pops.

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