Wing’s Catering 榮式燒雞扒

I was in Macau with my other aunt (yes, I have lots of aunts). Outside of the ferry terminal, we received a discount coupon for Galaxy Macau’s food court. Wing’s Catering was the best offering there, I guess.

2014-01-17 16.22.05

The food was mediocre. Had it not been for the coupons, I would not have paid for a late lunch. I think that for the same plate of food, I would have paid about 1/3 less in Hong Kong. There was too much skin on the chicken steak.

2014-01-17 16.22.21

Marinated tofu did not look appetizing. This was never my thing in the first place, and to see that it looked like it was just squeezed out of a container…no thank you.

2014-01-17 16.22.25

We had a tapioca dessert. Sorry that the photo doesn’t look that good, but this dessert wasn’t so bad. I could tell that this dessert wasn’t fresh and more like the instant dessert stuff.


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