Two Days and One Night in Seattle

I have never gone to Seattle for more than one night. I’ve always only stayed for two days and one night because it’s so close to home which gives me the opportunity to go back whenever I want to. Since I’m always there for a short time, I have to be strategic about where I go so I can see majority of the spots on my list.

We booked an Airbnb for our stay at Capitol Hill, in the heart of everything. We arrived at around 6:00PM and since it was just about dinner time, we had time to explore Seattle’s nightlife afterwards. Day 2, we left our Airbnb and went on a full day of exploring. Everything was routed so it was a close and convenient with a car.

Day 1

After checking into our bnb, we had dinner at Soi, which was literally a minute walk from us. Mind-blowing Thai fusion food, we basically ordered enough food for four people. The flavours were rich and diverse so we were very content that we went off on a good start. Around a 10 minutes walk from Soi, we headed over to Molly Moon’s Ice Cream for dessert. During the walk, the streets were just getting busy and bars were starting to fill up. People were out and line ups were everywhere so we practically had the choice to go wherever we wanted to after dessert.

2017-01-13 20.25.40-1

After our dinner and dessert, we decided to go for a 15 minute drive up to Kerry Park. Located on a hill and more of a view point instead of park, you can see the entire Seattle skyline with the Space Needle. It’s a bit of a steep drive up the hill but the view is beautiful up there.

2017-01-13 22.15.11-2

We were still early into the night so we drove back and hit up one of Seattle’s most famous bars – Unicorn and Narwhal.  Obviously with two floors of carnival themed decor, Unicorn and Narwhal also has some of the weirdest and coolest drink names such as the Unicorn Jizz – Mango Vodka, Triple Sec, OJ, Sour, Sprite and Grenadine. Since the bar was slammed packed, it took us a while to get our drinks. Once we were sert to go, we made our way down to the mini arcade and the photobooth. Yes, this is practically adult heaven: old school arcade and booze. It was around 12am till we dipped and decided to rest for the next day.

2017-01-13 23.33.17

Day 2

Rise and shine. We were out by 9:30AM for a coffee at Victrola Coffee Roasters for our caffeine fix. Our original plan was to check out Crumble and Flake but when we got there, they were closed. It always baffles me when a bakery is closed on a Sunday late morning when many people, including myself, would kill for a hot and buttery pastry on a sunny day.

2017-01-15 02.48.08

Moving onto our Plan B, we drove up to Fremont to visit the Fremont Troll underneath the highway bridge. The drive was about 10 – 15 minutes but finding the troll took us an extra 10 minutes because we couldn’t tell which part of the bridge it was underneath. There’s not much to see here besides the troll but it’s still worth seeing considering how famous it is in Seattle and it’s a perfect photo opportunity.

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I’m not sure what people use to find tourist destinations or local favourite restaurants but I use Foursquare. Listed as number 11 on the generic top things to see and eat in Seattle was a Korean fusion restaurant called Revel. We’ve already visited many of the top 20 things to do in Seattle so here’s another addition to our trip and it did not disappoint.

Revel is a mixture of Korean and Western cuisine, as listed above for our brunch, we had a Pork Katsu served with a buttery biscuit and a Spam and Kimchi Pineapple bowl. The flavours were different and pleasantly unusual for a brunch.

2017-01-15 07.38.40

To conclude our trip, we drove to downtown Seattle to visit Pike Place Market where we spent the rest of our day before going home. The street level of the market is all fish stalls and food but the underground level has all sorts of quirky stuff – magic shops, vintage posters, antique stores and bookstores.

Around Pike Place Market, visit Piroshky Piroshky for mind-blowing and hearty piroshkies. It’s one of the best things in Seattle, as well as Beecher’s Handmade Cheese for their mac and cheese. Normally I would recommend that people visit the first OG Starbucks but it’s really not worth the line up.

One of the weirdest things to do in Seattle, in my opinion, is to visit the Gum Wall. It’s beneath Pike Place Market and inside a brick wall alleyway. It is exactly as you imagined, the walls are covered with chewed pieces of gum. People even got creative by sticking photos and business cards on the wall too. I made my contribution as well and left before I felt too disgusted.

2017-01-14 19.37.51

At Pike Place Market, I noticed that almost every other couple I’ve walked pass was carrying a bouquet of dried flowers. They were head turning bouquets so I asked around and found the stall where everyone was buying them.  The small little business was managed by a group of older Asian ladies who clearly joined together to share their hobby in flower arrangements. Each bouquet was priced at roughly USD10 – 15 so I would definitely recommend getting one or two.

2017-01-15 08.34.35

To conclude, we couldn’t go into Chihuly Glass Garden because there was a wedding happening inside but would recommend visiting the area because the Space Needle and Museum of Pop Culture are also there. We left Seattle at around 5:00PM and got back to Vancouver on time for dinner at around 8:30PM.

I hope you’ll enjoy this small summary of how to spend two days and one night in Seattle.  I got to see many of the tourist spots in Seattle in a brief amount of time and will definitely be back to see more.

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