This ends my New York City posts, and now we’re starting with Toronto! After a very eventful and amazing trip in the Big Apple, it was time to ride the Amtrak to Toronto. I thought that since I won’t be coming to this side of New York at all, I could at least see it on the train on my way to GTA. The train stopped at multiple cities before getting to Buffalo and crossing the Canadian borders at Niagara Falls to our destination.

I was very excited to get on the train and by the time the train departed, we were roughly 30 minutes behind schedule, which was fine. Everything was going very smoothly until we were stuck for two hours at Albany due to connection loss. From them on, things went downhill. My trip was supposed to be from 7:15am to 7:30pm, but I actually arrived at 1am in Toronto. Here’s the story.

After being stuck in Albany for two hours, we were on the go but the train was never smoothly travelling on a consistent speed. There were times when we would stop or go very slowly. I would occasionally make my way to the back of the train where the lounge and food area was just to use the Internet or to eat. After travelling for what seemed a long time, shit hit the fan right before getting to Rochester. At first, it didn’t seem like a big deal until we were stuck there for an hour. We were told that there was a freight train in front of us so we had to wait until they started moving so we can start going. After one hour of sitting there, people started getting impatient, hungry and frustrated. Announcements kept going back and forth and finally we were told that the freight train in front of us was empty; no one was on the train in the first place! They were on a break or they stopped working. At this point, everyone was very upset and the staff started handing out free snacks and bottles of water to the passengers. We were around three hours behind schedule until the announcements said that we would be switching tracks but we had to wait till two east bound trains passed us first. Another hour went by, four hours behind schedule, finally, the first east bound train comes. People were literally clapping and praising. Shortly, the second train pass by and we were soon on the go again.

We finally got to Rochester on a very slow speed and eventually, we finally got to Buffalo as well. Most of the people were already off the train and by the time we were at immigration check, it was pitch dark. People were leaping out of their seats before the train even stopped at their stations. After finally crossing the border, everything was pretty smooth and we finally arrived at Union Station at 1am in the bloody morning. Yes, I will not be riding Amtrak any more and that was a good 5-6 hour delay. I felt like a cargo pig and I was literally exhausted because I just kept eating Pringles and Skittles. I finished an entire can of cheese Pringles and a family size pack of Skittles.

If you can drive to any of the New York city from New York City, you might as well do that. Don’t ride the train and waste your time.

Shall we start my first Toronto post with something sweet and decadent?

Near where my family lived in Toronto, there was a Pusateri’s Fine Foods. I’ve never been to Pusateri’s but it feels like the Urban Fare of Vancouver. On a very sunny and breezy afternoon in Toronto, my brother and I decided to sneak out of the house to grab a dessert and some sibling time. We ended up at Pusateri’s and we shared a dessert to get our sweet tooth cravings satisfied.

image 12

Hazelnut and Caramel Praline Dacquoise

Dacquoise is a meringue dessert layered cake usually with whipped cream or buttercream in between.

For this dacquoise, the merginue layers were coated with milk chocolate on the sides with delicious crunchy bits.

The hazelnut cream was pretty much average but I couldn’t really taste the hazelnut in it. On the good side, the texture of the cream was light and fluffy that it dissolves in your mouth once you eat it.

The meringue was crumbly and airy like a malt ball. I normally wouldn’t like meringue especially if it was lemon meringue, but eating it with chocolate was like eating a crispy chocolate malt bar.

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