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Pershing Square

On my second day in New York, I grabbed breakfast at Pershing Square.  Yes, the cafe was right under a bridge across Grand Central Terminal. It was definitely unique and it seemed secretive! Sharon thinks it looks like something you would see in a Harry Potter movie and only wizards could see this place. As for me, Pershing Square was the nearest available restaurant from Grand Hyatt, unless you prefer to eat McDonald’s and other fast-food outlets. Luckily, it was a good selection.

Here’s a picture from the outside:

2013-11-24 08.08.52

They should have something like this in Vancouver.

2013-11-24 08.22.32

My friend, from Hong Kong University, ordered the typical muffin and a coffee. I ordered an ordinary plate of scrambled eggs, bacon (who doesn’t eat bacon in the U.S.?), potatoes and toasted bread. The bacon wasn’t dry with a slight bit of crunchiness and bacon juice oozing out of each bite. The eggs were fluffy and I think the potatoes were thrown in for a generous measure. Overall, this is pretty much your average American breakfast. Sharon should come back and see if there’s anything more unique since the location of Pershing Square brings up higher expectations in more creative orders. I usually stick with the usual and she orders the crazy stuff.

Again, I forgot the price (I’m clearly not as good as Sharon in food blogging), but the breakfast was reasonably priced.

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