Le Petit Dejeuner

Other than Chinese food, I finally got a “me” day during my trip in Toronto. On that day, I met up with four of my friends who are currently living in Toronto. The first stop I made was to Le Petit Dejeuner with a friend whom I have known for 16 years. He studies in Toronto so it was a perfect time to catch up over brunch.

Le Petit Dejeuner was a classic and vintage little cafe with a bar. I loved the vibrant yet warm colours spread out all over the cafe from the stained windows to the wall décor and the furniture. We got a comfortable and cosy two seater right across the bar so our service was extremely attentive.

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I ordered the Eggs Benny (CAD14.50) with peameal bacon, apple slaw and hashed potato. I’ve never had peameal bacon but I loved the extreme saltiness that blended so well with the Hollandaise sauce. The apple slaw helped soften the saltiness but the texture and taste of the egg and bacon was extremely satisfying for a brunch. I didn’t enjoy the hashed potato as much since it was a bit too crunchy and hard to chew.

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My friend ordered Brussels Fresh Fruits (CAD10) with fluffy chantilly cream and organic maple syrup. I didn’t try the waffles but my friend loved how fresh and balanced his order was. The waffles weren’t too sweet and just about crunchy and soft which was excellent with the cream. I have to give them mad props for having the maple syrup on the side to retain the perfect crunchiness and softness in the waffle. I was never a fan of restaurants who soaked my waffles. The only complaint is the unbalanced portion of fresh fruits in comparison to the waffles.

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