The Lakeview Restaurant

I went to Lakeview Restaurant the last time I was in Toronto but I didn’t get to blog about it because my blogging life didn’t start then. This time, Angela and I went for a quick bite during our little day together and I guess both of us were craving cheese. The Lakeview Restaurant was established in 1932 in Toronto opened 24/7 serving all day breakfast, supper and dessert. I remember going there at 11pm last Christmas and my cousin and I had to wait 45 minutes to get our seats. From the outside, The Lakeview Restaurant looks pretty classy and vintage but it definitely opens its doors to kids and families.

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 Baked Mac and Cheese with Garden Salad

  • Delicious baked and crispy top, you can break a piece of the cheese off and the cheese would stretch!
  • The garden salad was a good portion to cleanse your palate from the heavy cheese.
  • Angela forked her way down the mac and cheese and you could see the cheese slowly run down the shape of the macaronis and steam rising from the baked and cheesy goodness.

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Mac and Cheese Balls (CAD5)

  • Crispy and buttery shell with runny and thick cheese oozing out once I bit into it.
  • Macaroni was soft and hot concealed inside with the warm cheese.
  • The chives cream wasn’t even necessary! There was so much flavour in one mac and cheese ball!

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