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Lady M Confections

I have always loved Mille Feuille but I was never a fan of crepes, but combine Mille and Crepe, then I’m all yours. Tiffany took me to Lady M Cake Confections on the Upper East Side and I knew I was in for something amazing when I saw the line up outside of the small cafe. The foundation of Lady M Confections is their fresh and exceptionally light and creamy cakes with a fuse of Japanese and French tastes. The cafe was a narrow walkway with the cakes placed on the right side of the store and 1- 5 tables against the wall on the left side. The middle of the cafe was mostly occupied by people lining up to sit down or take out.

Tiffany and I waited to sit down, but since we didn’t want to stand in line for 45 minutes, we decided to buy a slice of Mille Crepe to go and we ate it before visiting Jeff Koons Exhibition.


Once we got in, I felt like I reached dessert heaven when I saw the delightful array of fine cakes on my right. It was so hard to choose one piece out of all of them.


Since we were going no where with our decision, we decided to go with the most popular and lovable choice – their Signature Mille Crepes.


Signature Mille Crepes

I apologize for this photo because we already forked away half of the cake before I took the photo. Clearly the struggle would be too real to not eat it once we opened the box.

No less than 20 thin crepes with fresh vanilla cream in between and a caramelized golden top, the mille crepes is a heavenly dessert. The pastry cream is so light and fluffy that it instantly melts in your mouth with a sweet after taste for a tease. Switching between crepes and cream, the mille crepes will leave you wanting more after you’re finished.

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