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*Hi readers, I’m going to try out a different style in my writing. You will notice that instead of writing paragraphs for my food descriptions like before, I’m going to make the descriptions into bullet points. Let me know what you prefer!

Korean food is apparently really good in Toronto. My aunt and my cousins are huge fans of Korean food, so my aunt took me to The Galleria for a Korean lunch on a Sunday. The Galleria is an authentic Korean grocery store in Toronto that also has a small food court inside. There were four booths at the food court so we chose to order from Hwanggane Food out of the other booths since the combo meals were a good deal. At first, I thought The Galleria was some sketchy Asian supermarket because it was empty when we got there until people started pouring in at 12:30pm.

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Fried Vegetable Rice with Dumplings (CAD7.50). 

  • Rice was bland and lacked texture, but I do like how they used purple rice.
  • Vegetables were both crunchy and soft so it enhanced the texture in the dish.
  • Overall taste was just like “Yeung Chow” fried rice, nothing exciting.
  • White radish soup was clear and soothing but I’m pretty sure quite a bit of MSG was added.

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 Deep Fried Dumplings

  • Crispy deep fried shell had a slight sugary taste to it. I really liked the crunchiness and minimal oil in the wrap.
  • Pork and vegetables inner was warm and flavourful but dry. I usually would prefer boiled dumplings.

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Ramen and mini bibambap (CAD7.95)

  • Bibambap did not have beef inside, but it had the rest of the ingredients. Without the beef, it just lacked a meaty flavour and texture to it.
  • Delicious sesame oil covered seaweed wrapping the bibambap!
  • I noticed that this bibambap could be bought inside The Galleria, I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t make it themselves. Authentic and home-made bibambap is always the best.

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Spicy Ramen

  • Noodle was soft, chewy and different from the usual Japanese instant noodles, however I’m pretty sure this was Korean instant noodles. If you know your instant noodles, Korean instant noodles have a different texture than Japanese instant noodles.
  • Soup was mild at first, then it starts to burn your lips midway.
  • Minimal meat and “vegetables” were just green onions, carrots and white onions.
  • This ramen would be really good for a cold winter in Toronto.

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