Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant

Before going back to Vancouver, my grandparents wanted to treat me to a seafood dinner knowing that seafood is my favourite food. My aunt decided to book a table at the famous Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant, and we were lucky to get a table. Without reservations, there is no way you can get in a table by walking in. The restaurant was so packed with barely any walking space, the walls were just tanks and tanks of lobster, crab, and fish. I felt like I was dining in a small aquarium with marble walls.

Seven of us shared a 12lb King Crab combo meal for around CAD350. Compared to my experience at Red Star Seafood in Vancouver, Toronto is still working on performing the king crab magic.

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Watercress Soup with Pork

  • It was like a taste of home.
  • Natural and delicious taste from the pork bone.
  • Minimal MSG and flavours came from the watercress and pork.

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Deep Fried King Crab

  • Crunchy and spicy crisps on the outside of the shell, so I ended up sucking on the shell more.
  • Spices sunk into the meat giving it a delicious and garlicky taste.
  • Crisp garlic bites and deep friend white bait gave this dish a flavourful kick.

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Wok Fried King Crab

  • Jelly-ish texture surrounding the shell and the meat, not that pleasant in my opinion.
  • Layers and layers of thick juicy meat since it was the shoulder part of the crab.
  • Too plain for me.

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Steamed King Crab Legs with Egg Yolk and Green Onions

  • Choosing to steam the crab eggs with egg yolk was too plain, they lacked the lively garlic taste needed to make this dish excellent. Everyone in my family thought that it would be steamed with garlic, so it was a bit of a disappointment.
  • Meat was moist and since the legs were thick, there was a lot of meat in each part.

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Fried Rice 

  • The head of the crab was just used as a decoration, there was barely any meat inside the head anyway.
  • Fried rice tasted normal like a “Yeung Chow” fried rice with crab meat with it.

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Chinese Yellow Chicken

  • Super meaty, fat and juicy.
  • Meat wasn’t dry, lukewarm, and just made perfect
  • Surprisingly, I didn’t have any problems with small or big bones.

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