Congee Time

I spent one day with my po po in Toronto and the first place she took me for lunch was Congee Time. Being the traditional Chinese po po that she is, you can practically strike out other cuisines like Indian, Middle Eastern or Western off the list. Congee Time was crowded with people and service was fast. However like most congee houses, the servers were quite rude given that they are 50 – 60 year old Chinese women (see lai). Occasionally they had nicer young servers who were part time there so I tried to get them to serve us instead.

2014-04-26 13.27.38

Since my po po couldn’t eat so much, we only ordered two very simple dishes. The first one was the Wonton Noodles (CAD3.75) that was simple and filling. The noodles came with five semi-big wontons with actual prawns inside the wontons. The wontons weren’t huge for me so I had them in one bite. The skin was smooth and the wonton was soft and juicy to eat. The soup was not too oily but there was a taste of shrimp stock added.

2014-04-26 13.27.32

The other order was the Shredded Beef and Preserved Vegetable Congee (CAD3.75). I love the preserved vegetables added with the beef that gave the congee a rich flavour. If only the congee was not so watery, I would have really enjoyed this.

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