Shang Noodle House 尚麵館

Almost all of us left the restaurant sweating after our dinner at Shang Noodle House. The restaurant is owned by Kirin Group but to my surprise it looked like every fast Asian noodle shop, no extra Kirin fluff or glam. We decided to go to the one at Queensborough that is located right next to Starlight Casino. Why not go down and grab a quick bowl of noodles during your gambling break?

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I ordered the Spicy “Tan Tan” Ramen with Crushed Peanuts (CAD6.88) which was not as authentic as I hoped it would be. If you’re planning on having this, I would highly recommend ordering something else to cleanse your palate midway. The peanut sauce was immensely rich and thick and it becomes really overwhelming after a few bites. I enjoyed the strong peanut aroma but perhaps it would have been more bearable if it was spicier and more diluted.

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Moving onto a better selection, Jacky had the Ramen in Hot and Sour Soup (CAD7.88). After devouring a bowl that was infused with spices of all sorts, Jacky left with sweat drops on his forehead. The soup was extremely flavourful with various types of vegetables and meat bits underneath the island of noodles. Every slurp was exciting to chew and taste, so next time I’m ordering this one instead.

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  1. Jack Leung

    It’s pretty good, eh?!

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