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Blue Fin

Before watching the Lion King Broadway, we needed to grab something quick before the show started so we wouldn’t get too hungry. Since Times Square options are usually pricier than average and I would consider those restaurants as over hyped, we randomly chose Blue Fin given it’s location proximity to the theatre. In Vancouver, I eat so much sushi so I needed my usual sushi dose.

Blue Fin was very busy when we got there. The restaurant had a contemporary and underwater marine design to it suitable for a happy hour time. Something about using light brown tones with an ocean blue relaxes people. We went up the stairs to the bar area and got a small table right across the bar. We were actually supposed to eat at the bar but since neither one of us are 21, we weren’t allowed.


Times Square Roll

What’s in it: Crab, spicy hamachi, mango, avocado, and yuzu miso.

The presentation definitely was not the best but the flavours were very diverse and full. To make it clear, there were six pieces of sushi here.

The sweetness in the mango and the spiciness in the hamachi complimented each other so brilliantly that it almost stole the spotlight from the other flavours in the sushi. The others were the usual crab and avocado which you can find in any California roll in any sushi spot.

I think if you’re looking for something mildly exciting and refreshing for an appetizer, the Times Square Roll is a great option.


Skuna Bay Salmon Ceviche

What’s in it: Salmon, yuzu-orange, cilantro, jalapenos and red watermelon.

Raw salmon cured in a citrus juice, I found this ceviche more sour and herbal than the other ones I’ve had. I also didn’t expect it to be so watery.

I’m quite sensitive when it comes sour flavours so the watermelon helped soften the citrusy sour flavours in this dish with a sweet splash to it.

The salmon tasted quite fresh but since there was so much citrus juice and cilantro in this dish, it was hard to taste the salmon.

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