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6 Easy Hikes and Trails in British Columbia

Transitioning from summer to fall, I’ve taken advantage of the beautiful and cool weather to go explore Vancouver’s nature scene instead of binge eating (that’s for winter). Unlike the hikes I’ve done in Hong Kong, I’ve been going on small trail walks in BC without needing to apply bug repellant or sweat. I wasn’t looking for a hardcore hike and since I’ve had plenty of time to explore new trails, I’ve decided to compile a small list of nature hikes that aren’t too hard and promises a great view at the end.

Cleveland Dam


Most people usually hike down to the salmon hatchery or stay around the dam area. What I would recommend is to climb all the way down to the water (just over a few rocks, no big deal) where you can get a view of the canyon from below.

Bridal Veil Falls

 Bridalveil Falls is by far the easiest waterfall hike. It only took us 10 minutes to see the falls but in order to get close to the falls, you’ll have to hike up a pretty steep and slippery trail. It’s not challenging but you have to be careful when you’re coming down.

Lighthouse Park


There are several landmarks at Lighthouse Park – the lighthouse being one of them but there’s always the option of hiking down to the beach. I’m more of a beach person so it was such a treat to enjoy a combination of the mountains and the ocean when I was sitting on the boulders.

Quarry Rock/Baden-Powell Trail


Any Vancouverite has most likely been to Quarry Rock or hiked the Baden-Powell Trail. The hike to Quarry Rock would take around 45 minutes but if you want to hike the Baden-Powell Trail to Lynn Canyon (which I’ve done), it’ll probably take you 5-6 hours. The view from Quarry Rock will blow you away so hike the 45 minutes and just enjoy the end of it.

Coquihalla Park/Othello Tunnels


I wouldn’t treat Othello Tunnels as a trail walk because it’s quite touristy but I really enjoyed it. Othello Tunnels used to a series of old train tunnels with a view of the Coquihalla River and canyon. The view is breathtaking and it’s quite an adventure. Definitely worth the drive.

Shannon Falls


After going on the Sea to Sky Gondola, I decided that I might as well visit Shannon Falls as well. The hike didn’t require any energy but if you want to get really close to the waterfall, I’m afraid you’ll have to do some trekking and climbing over boulders. You won’t die and it’s actually quite easy to get to if you’re careful.

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