Pocky Midi

Hi readers! I have finally succumbed to all of my friend’s requests to review all the Asian snacks that I have been pigging out on. Mostly Asian snacks because I prefer those over Western snacks. Some of these can be found at your usual Asian supermarket but some are actually from Japan or Hong Kong. Asian snacks can be bit weird so I’m trying to clear up some questions and introduce you guys to something new!

The first one is the Pocky midi sticks. Pocky is an Asian snack that many of us Asian kids used to imitate as “cigarettes”. The reason why they’re called “Pocky” is because of the “pock” sound that each pocky stick makes when you bite a piece off. To generally describe what Pocky sticks are, they are long biscuit sticks coated with chocolate, but now they come in all sorts of sizes and flavours. I’ve even had a “Baked Potato” and “Caesar Salad” flavours before.

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Pocky midi comes in packages of three in a small square box. I thought the packaging was super fun sized and adorable.

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The back of the packaging labelled every single part of the Pocky stick. Japanese snacks always have really detailed and interesting descriptions.

Processed with VSCOcamThe milk chocolate coatings were thicker, sweeter, and creamier than the usual Pocky sticks. Even if these midi sticks are smaller than the usual ones, they’re not meant to be bite size. I prefer these Pocky sticks over the original ones given its chocolately creamy taste and thicker texture. A great on the go snack given its individual packaging.

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