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UncommonGoods Collaboration: Kitchen and Bar

A few weeks ago, UncommonGoods in Brooklyn reached out to do a collaboration for their Kitchen and Bar collection. Needless to say, I was completely up for it since they have beautiful products in their store.

UncommonGoods is a privately-owned retailer founded in 1999 in Brooklyn, New York. Featuring unique jewelry, designer decor, tabletop items and many other decorative home products, the company is a strong supporter of artists and designers. Almost half of their products are handmade in the U.S. and one-third of their collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials.

When it came to my products, some of them were handmade while others were designed by well known artists. Either way, I got my pick and I was very satisfied with their shipping and the perfect condition in which my items arrived in.

2016-03-23 09.50.21-1

Nesting Prep Bowls by Richard and Anthony Joseph

Joseph Joseph started in 2003 by twin brothers, Richard and Anthony Joseph. Combining their backgrounds in product design and business, their products aim to meet their company’s four core areas: functionality, innovation, longevity and aesthetics.

For those who live in an apartment, this is the ultimate necessity for your small apartment kitchen. It is space-spacing, colourful and extremely practical. Besides being a set of functional kitchen utensils, this product was beautifully designed with the colours of the rainbow displayed in the final product. The set comes with the items below…

2016-03-23 09.47.56-1

Measuring Cups

Ranging from 1/6 to 1 cup, Joseph Joseph’s nesting bowls have nailed your required measuring cups for cooking and baking.

If you’re someone like me who “eyes” most of the ingredients, the 1 cup is perfect for mixing ingredients for a sauce or spread.

2016-03-23 09.48.17-1

The reason why it’s considered space saving is due to the puzzle-like design of the utensils. Stacking one on top of each other, the design is made to fit perfectly well with each other.

2016-03-23 09.49.34-1

The larger parts of the set included a small mixing bowl, one sieve, a strainer and a large mixing bowl.

Ever since I’ve received this set, I’ve used the small mixing bowl, sieve and strainer every day to prepare my dinners. The mixing bowl is perfect for marinating meats, the strainer works with washed vegetables or cooked pasta and the sieve is the right size for large leafy greens.

I absolutely love this product. It’s unbelievably practical and the design makes it fun to use and wash afterwards. They’ve pretty much covered a large portion of what you need in a kitchen.

Visit UncommonGoods for more kitchen tools to brighten up your kitchen.

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Classic Cocktails Towel by Stuart Gardiner

Stuart Gardiner founded his brand and studio in 2009, where he took his passion in design to create beautiful kitchen products. All of his products are made in his east London base and many of his products are made from eco-friendly materials. His wife has a background in designing for Laura Ashley so many of Stuart’s products also contains some of his wife’s designer and pattern touch.

I chose the classic cocktail tea towel because it was fun and I loved the colours. Made from absorbent, organic cotton, the towel is printed with recipes of classic cocktails along with tips and tools for each drink.

Since the towel looks too pretty to be used, I intend to use it when guests are over for drinks but never to wipe clean dishes or the countertop. This dish towel deserves to be used for special occasions.

Looking for wine or cocktail glasses to match this Classic Cocktail Towel? Visit UncommonGoods for more!

2016-03-23 09.59.49-1

The Coffee Towel by Stuart Gardiner

Coffee in the day time, cocktails at night. I decided to get the coffee towel for a day time use if I plan on having a nice breakfast in the morning.

I am no coffee snob so I thought it would be fun to get a coffee towel that would provide me with basic coffee knowledge. The organic cotten towel is a great read while you drink your coffee in the morning, it’s so much better than reading something on the back of a cereal box.

2016-03-23 09.29.42

Stoneware Swirl Sponge Holder by Karen and Stephen Steininger

Ever struggle in finding a way to put your wet and used sponge in the kitchen? I refused to purchase a plastic and boring sponge holder for my kitchen so I was very relieved when I received the handmade stoneware sponge holder from UncommonGoods.

Husband and wife ceramicists, Karen and Stephen Steininger, decided to design the perfect sponge holder for many of you who have struggled in finding a spot near your sink to store your wet sponges after washing.

The vertical cut out in its side keeps the sponge in place while air drying it. You also don’t need to worry about mold building up fast at the bottom of the sponge holder since it’s ceramic, but do try to empty it out once in awhile!

2016-03-23 09.17.47-1

Classic Blue Gravy Boat and Saucer by Melissa Schooley

Melissa Schooley is a ceramic artist from Southern Ontario. She pursued a visual arts degree at Emily Carr University in Vancouver and opened up her studio in her parent’s barn after graduating. Her products are a usual play on colour with a functional purpose behind each item.

2016-03-23 09.34.26-1

First of all, I originally ordered something else but they may have mixed up the orders. Since I ordered a dishware set, I thought this was a fancy soup bowl with a soup pourer. I come from an Asian family so a gravy boat and a saucer aren’t usual items that I would see at a family dinner table. Clearly, I got very creative. It’s perfectly fine, I actually love the blue two-tone colours in this set and hey, I found another way to use it!

2016-03-23 09.25.08-1

Melissa did a really great job in the ease with the gravy boat pour. I purposely chose tomato soup because the redness would contrast the lovely sky blue colours of the bowl. I know this isn’t the main purpose of the product but I’m just offering another way to use it if you don’t normally use a gravy boat and its saucer.

For more beautiful stoneware items for your kitchen, click here or check out more host and hostess gifts here.

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