Zakkushi Charcoal Grill (Denman)

We weren’t planning on going to Zakkushi Charcoal Grill on a Friday night but it just suddenly came to my mind that Jacky and I vowed to go back after a previously failed attempt. We knew that there would be a huge waiting line when dinner hour hits so we got there at around 5:30pm.

The restaurant was awfully small with very crammed seating. Jacky and I got a seat at the bar where we could see all of the food being made. We were slightly skeptical about how full we would be from food on a stick, so we ordered other things that could satisfy more. You might think that each order is pathetically small but just let it sit in after you’re done eating  and it’ll hit you.


Yakitori Don

What’s in it: Teriyaki chicken, half boiled egg, mayo, green onion, nori, seaweed and steamed Japanese rice.

When the server was cracking the egg into our rice, he dropped half of the shell onto the chicken. He took it out with his fingers and looked around to see if anyone saw that. We did.

The egg was half runny and lukewarm. We figured that the bottom of the rice would be steaming hot, so we mixed everything together to warm it up.

The chicken was moisy and flavourful but I didn’t like how it was barely even warm if we didn’t mix it in with the rice.

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Zakkushi Set

Uzura Maki – Quail Eggs wrapped with Pork.

It was like fat bacon wrapped around quail eggs but it wasn’t as savoury as I hoped.

Without the mayo and seaweed, it would have lacked flavour.

Momo (Chicken Thigh)

This one was grilled to perfection – soft, tender and juicy. The slightly charred exterior gave it a delicious crunch.

P-Toro – Crunchy Pork

I couldn’t really taste the crunchiness in the “crunchy pork”, but it definitely had a distinct sweet marinade to it.

Oropon Beef – Beef with Grated Daikon and Ponzu Sauce

The grated Daikon gave the beef an earthy flavour mixed in with some butch meaty essence.

Me Maki – Garlic Stubs

It was very refreshing to get some greens in our meal. I didn’t think that these were garlic stubs when I tried one because they tasted like roasted asparagus – not a bad thing.

Umeshiro Yaki – Chicken Thigh with Sour Plum and Japanese Basil

The basil was kind of an offset and we weren’t a fan of the sour plum sauce. Other than the basil and sauce, there’s not much distinction between this and the Momo.

2015-01-16 18.49.48-1

Oropon Maguro

What’s in it: Albacore Tuna with Grated Daikon Radish and Ponzu Sauce.

Any of their orders with grated Daikon radish was such a win.

The albacore tuna was very soft but slightly dry on our first bite. Luckily, it gets better as you bite into it.


Prime Rib

I’m not entirely sure why I ordered this but the beef had a delicious smoky flavour outside with a savoury, tender, meaty and juicy centre.


Original Oden

Oden is basically assorted fish paste and other tofu or paste like food added into a sweet mirin soup.

I really like jelly texture food so I really enjoyed the Konnyaku (yam cake). It was such a delight to just bite into the bouncy texture.

The tofu soaked up all the mirin so when we bit into it, all the mirin squirted out.

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