Zabu Chicken

When my brother visited from Toronto, there was one cuisine that he was craving for – Korean. I wanted to take him to a large all you can eat Korean bbq, but I couldn’t think of a good place in down town that has good all you can eat K-Bbq. We were walking down Robson when I decided that we should go try Zabu Chicken because it wasn’t too busy and it’s Korean. Our original plan was to go to Sura, but as usual, there was a line up there.

I didn’t really know that Zabu Chicken is famous for their fried chicken and we actually didn’t order any chicken when we were there. We wanted straight up Korean food so we went with the very traditional and usual orders.



I always found it a little bit odd when Bibimbap has Romaine lettuce because Romaine lettuce isn’t really part of the Korean diet. You would often find spinach, zucchini, beef, mushrooms, seaweed, carrots and bean sprouts so I wasn’t too ecstatic when I saw the lettuce. However, it went pretty well with the rice so I’ll stop complaining.


Kimchi Stew

Maybe because it was a very cold and dry Vancouver night, the Kimchi Stew was perfect for the occasion. Not only was the spiciness burning our lips (which was great), but the cabbage and tofu were a great addition to it.

On the down side, the taste reminded me of packaged kimchi stew in a bag that I could buy from Safeway.



I thought Sura had sweet bulgogi, but Zabu Chicken’s marinade was even sweeter. I could barely taste any salt but it was still very flavourful.

Throwing in button mushrooms instead of enoki was a delicious choice because it wasn’t drenched in the sauce and it offered more texture to the dish.

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