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Via Tokyo

I was eating dinner around Causeway Bay when I decided to visit Via Tokyo. I thought that the shop would be relatively close to Time Square but after walking for a while, we realized it was pretty far from everything. We were walking a few blocks down and we ended up getting stranded with another group of people who were also looking for Via Tokyo.

When we finally got to the street, we saw a massive group of people waiting outside of a shop. We were hoping that it wasn’t Via Tokyo but our hopes died down as we got closer to their door. Luckily, if we wanted to grab a to go order, we could just skip the line up and walk right in. The line up was roughly an hour for sit in since the shop was small and people were enjoying themselves so we walked right in to order and left once we got our dessert.

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Shirahama Milk and Matcha Soft Serve 

After coming back from Uji in Japan, we have been very skeptical about anything matcha related. We decided to order one dessert incase it wasn’t good. I was also curious why most of their ingredients came from Shirahama when the shop says “Via Tokyo”.

I was surprised at how much matcha flavour was in the ice cream and it was very soft and creamy. The bottom were jellies, mochis and plum. Without the soft serve, the jellies would have been tasteless and bland. The mochis had some red bean flavours and the plum had hints of sour and saltiness to it.

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