Via Tevere

First of all, I want to apologize for the horrible quality of these photos. The lighting was extremely dim at the restaurant and I was still using my iPhone4 to take these photos. I tried to adjust the photos on Photoshop, but it didn’t turn out too well. I’ll be getting a camera in the summer so please forgive me.

I was never a fan of pizza since I saw it as a starving university student’s food. I’ve also had a scarring time back in high school having to eat pizza every Friday for lunch for about half a year. On the other hand, Neapolitan pizza is something I won’t usually say “no” to. From it’s slightly charred flavours and its thin 3mm crust to it’s sweet tomatoes and rich cheese, I’m always up for a good pizza.

Via Tevere is snuggled away from the busy and main street where all the other Italian restaurants are located on Commercial Drive. We thought that since it was away from the street, there wouldn’t be a lot of people. Turns out, we were so wrong. Via Tevere does not take reservations so we ended up waiting for an hour and 15 minutes for a table for 3.


To begin our Italian fare, the three of us shared a lovely bottle of Tommasi “le rosse” pinot grigio 2012 from Veneto, Italy. None of us are wine experts but since I wanted something sweet, pinot grigio was a good way to go. We also wanted to drink to a good night and a last dinner with Cho before she leaves Vancouver.


Salsiccia e Rapini (Red) and Prosciutto e Funghi

The whole reason why we came here was because of the Neapolitan pizzas, but pizza wasn’t enough to fill us up so we also ordered a pasta dish. Pizza and pasta, it can’t be more Italian than this. Two pizzas shared between three people was already enough, so make sure you don’t over order just because these might not look like “large” pizzas.


Rigatoni with Wild Fungi and Ham (Daily Pasta)

The texture of the rigatoni was similar to the average store bought pre-made rigatoni in a bag. The texture was slightly hard and it just lacked the right chewiness in pasta. Luckily the white pasta sauce was creamy and rich in mushroom flavours so I wouldn’t give it an all thumbs down.

The wild fungi and the hint of saltiness from the ham accentuated the cream sauce making the rigatoni acceptable despite its hard texture.


Salsiccia e Rapini (Red)

What’s in it: Fior di latte, Italian sausage, and broccoli rabe.

Little did I know that broccoli rabe was supposed to be slightly bitter so we were all surprised by it. The charred sides didn’t help because some parts were incredibly burnt making some slices more bitter than others. However, I did enjoy the texture of the broccoli rabe which was quite similar to kale.

The tomato sauce and mozzarella tasted fantastic and it was so fresh. More points to the tomato sauce because it wasn’t too sour and it even had a bit of sweetness to it.

Lastly, my God, the Italian sausage was so savoury but I think if they replaced the broccoli rabe with another vegetable topping that isn’t bitter would make this pizza even more delightful.


Prosciutto e Funghi

What’s in it: Tomato, fior di latte, prosciutto, and mushrooms

I wouldn’t say I enjoyed which pizza more just because they both had their good points. The Prosciutto e Funghi had the best taste, but the texture was lacking. While the Italian sausage in the Salsiccia e Rapini was delicious, the Prosciutto e Funghi had the fragrant mushrooms.

They only topped three pieces of prosciutto on the pizza and I wish they gave us more because we only had an impish speck of prosciutto on each slice.

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