Van-Ya Japanese House

I’ve been to Van-Ya ¬†many times now but I had to blog about it again this time. For those who don’t know, Van-Ya is a small authentic Japanese restaurant owned by a Japanese couple on Kingsway. Normally you would have Koreans or Chinese people opening Japanese restaurants, but this is the real deal here. I wasn’t feeling so well on the day and I needed some plain food near my place. Congee Noodle House was too busy so Jacky and I went to Van-Ya. We’re pretty much regulars there but this time we ordered different things other than their sets.


Van-Ya House Roll

This was the most expensive roll on their menu and I could see why. Each piece was jammed with all sorts of seafood you would find in a normal sushi menu – salmon, surf clam, octopus, tuna, and etc.

Jacky said to me ” I don’t even know what I’m eating, but I do know that everything is in this roll and it’s good”. The roll itself was already filling for a meal and the price is worth it. PSX_20140714_232028Sukiyaki Bowl

Sukiyaki is a meaty Japanese stew usually with beef, tofu, noodles and assorted vegetables. Normally it would be served in a hot pot but I ordered it in a rice bowl instead.

I was very surprised with how much beef was in the Sukiyaki Bowl. There wasn’t too much rice nor was there too much beef or vegetables so the portion was just right for a full dinner. The only thing I would recommend them to add would be more cabbage instead of onions.

The sweet marinade for the beef was delicious but I would still prefer Sukiyaki Hot Pot so the beef would be more moist and tender.

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