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Udon West

As many of you know, I recently took a short trip to the Big Apple after my internship ended to kickback and enjoy the last month of my summer. I was suffering from extreme wanderlust and I wanted to breath in the glamorous lights and the busy streets of a sleepless city. What better option in North America than NYC? I packed my Herschel novel duffle and flew to NYC with a mid stop at Dallas Airport. I arrived at the concrete jungle at 10pm on a Thursday night and I was so hungry.

Before heading back to the place where I was staying, my host and high school friend, Tiffany, brought me to my first meal in NYC. Shall we dive into #SFinNY in the upcoming posts?


Curry Set (USD8.95)
The curry was so tasty and flavourful. I have never had minced meat in curry and this curry was richer in flavour but less spicy than usual.

The rice was actually Japanese rice so the texture complimented the curry sauce. The curry overall wasn’t too overwhelming to the point that you couldn’t eat your udon.

You come here for the udon like a round peg into a round hole. The soup was not very salty with a soothing and simple taste to it. The udon’s texture was delectable and it tasted like handmade udon with the special chewiness to it.

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