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We went to U and I Thai for a small farewell dinner for our friend, Rabi, before he went to Iceland for his vacation. I almost never go to King George and during our walk to U and I Thai, I realized all the really interesting shops and restaurants available. I think it’s time I spent a bit more time there!

Luckily, we only had to wait for around 10 minutes before we got our seats. They led us to the back of the restaurant where they would only open if the front of the restaurant was packed with people. With deep chilli red and dark wood tones in the space, it felt quite Southeast Asian to me until I saw the chandeliers ascending from the ceilings. Traditionally Thai with a slight shimmery twists isn’t so bad, I guess. The service, on the other hand, was beyond slow and disappointing. They took an hour to make all our dishes.

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Once again, we ordered something that had to do with chicken wings. Rabi and Jacky shared the Stuffed Chicken Wings (CAD9.95). I couldn’t see the shape of the chicken wings after all that stuffing with vermicelli and Thai spices, but this was very unique. It tasted like a soft and meaty egg roll that was half crunchy and half chewy. Dipping them into the plum sauce gave the taste a sweeter and citrusy taste

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The Pad Thai (CAD12.95) was the best deal out of the orders. Stir fried rice noodles stacked high and tossed with chicken, egg, bean sprouts, palm sugar, in a sweet and traditional Tamarind sauce is the real deal. Of course, adding more culture to your food, the pad Thai is also served with ground peanuts, chilli powder, banana flower, garlic chives, and a dash of fresh lime.

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Jacky had the Beef Panang (CAD15.95) cooked in mild spicy panang curry sauce with creamy coconut milk simmered with peas, bell pepper and Thai basil. The big cubes of beef were juicy in its own meaty flavours mixed with the sweet and mild curry.

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I had the Goong Pad Bai Gaprow (CAD15.95) which is prawns stir-fried with garlic and chilli, bell peppers,green beans,spices, onions and Thai holy basil. The essence of the garlic and chilli was a fresh hot and garlicky addition to the vibrant mix of greens. Adding a bowl of jasmine rice to this was the only way to go with this dish.

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A tangled up jungle of vibrant greens and shrimps into one dish.

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