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Hong Kong is the place to be when you’re always looking for new and trendy restaurants. Since I love to try new food, I decided to check out the recently opened, Townhouse. Opened by Gaia Group, Townhouse is located on the 23rd floor of California Tower with a small view of Tsim Sha Tsui and the concrete jungle of Central surrounding you as you dine and drink. Serving innovative cocktails and fusion dishes to share, Townhouse is a trendy place to be in Hong Kong.

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With an open kitchen concept and a bar on the other side of the restaurant, Townhouse is a chic place for people to whine down.

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Out of all of my dining experiences in Hong Kong, I have never felt so immersed in the concrete jungle.

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Garlic Baked Clams with Extra Virgin Oil

Savoury with sweet clam juices, this was a fresh and delicious start to our dinner.

The garlic and the extra virgin oil were not too overpowering so I got to taste the clams. Even if this was delicious, you could practically make this at home with a few simple ingredients.

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Grilled Kimchi Portobello Mushroom

Their grilled kimchi portobello mushroom was highly recommended by everyone who has dined at Townhouse. The idea of kimchi and cheese may sound unappetising to many, but their unique flavours actually compliment each other quite nicely.

Kimchi definitely has strong and piquant flavours but the cheese helped neutralize its so it really accentuated the juices in the portobello mushroom. One bite was bursting with all sorts of flavours.

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Singapore Noodles 

What’s in it: Red lobster, Serrano ham, homemade curry, mushrooms, peppers and foie gras.

I didn’t know what to expect in this dish so I was quite surprised when I found foie gras and Serrano ham in the dish.

The lobsters didn’t taste distinct and occasionally I could taste the curry flavours so overall, this dish wasn’t too unique.

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Truffle Mayo Fries

Average fries but the truffle mayo was incredibly rich and creamy with truffles. For those who don’t like the strong essence in truffles, this will be your nightmare.

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Candy Crush

I was so excited to try this because I thought the idea was absolutely brilliant and it was perfect for Hong Kongers who love the Candy Crush game.

Unfortunately, this was a complete disappointment. After crushing all of the candy with a pestle. the desert became a lump of ice cream and candy mess. When we started eating, I had the unpleasant feeling of sticky candy getting stuck all over my teeth after my first bite. I’m not sure what candy they added in, but I had to pause and clean out my teeth every single time before taking the next bite. The eating process was a hassle and it was just not an ideal dessert.


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