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Totto Ramen

I’ve never had ramen in America till my visit to Totto Ramen in New York. I’ve had some pretty darn good ramen in Vancouver so let’s see what New York has. Located just a few steps below the streets, in a run down looking alleyway crammed area, Totto Ramen serves handmade ramen noodles in a rich chicken based soup broth. There was barely any walking space inside the ramen shop and everyone was busily slurping their ramen. We got to Totto Ramen at around 2:20pm and we still had to wait half an hour outside on the little sidewalk before our turn.

2014-08-02 01.43.54

See what I mean? People inside and outside.

Totto Spicy Ramen

Handmade noodles cooked to al dente in a whole chicken and soy sauce based soup broth with scallion, char shiu, spicy chili oil, and nori.

The chicken broth was very misty and rich in chicken flavours. If it weren’t for the chili oil, I would have finished the soup.

The char siu was so fatty and big. After finishing their noodles, I had some trouble finishing the char siu because it was so filling.

The noodles, at first, did taste like average noodles you could buy at a typical Asian supermarket. After a few more bites, their noodles were actually bouncier and chewier than regular noodles; so here’s the difference.

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