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Located in Chinatown and a 5 minute walk from Main Street skytrain station, Torafuku delivers a twist on Asian food with fresh and local ingredients. From the masterminds behind Le Tigre food truck, Clement Chan and Steve Kuan wanted to move their success from the food truck into an actual restaurant. During the first few months after the restaurant’s opening, Torafuku became a hit spot for many Vancouverites.

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They had a variation of seating options there. You can choose a long stone table, four seaters or an intimate two person dinner. I prefered the long stone table since it was near the windows.

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Decor was spot on.

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Calamari The Way I Like It (GF): Deep Fried Squid with Onion, Tomato, Lychee, Arugula, Pea Shoots and Angry Tiger Sauce.

I’m pretty sure the squid tasted a bit buttery with the fried coating. It really gave the squid some taste and without it, the squid was flavourless but still quite fresh.

In this dish, we tasted bitters from the pea shoots and arugula, sweetness from the lychee, spiciness from the angry tiger sauce and saltiness from the squid. All of the flavours blended in very well together and it was a great start to our dinner.

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Miso Fantastic Clams: Miso Coconut Broth, Tamarind, Leeks, Pickled Sea Asparagus, Wild Celery, Manila Clams, Green Onion Flowers and Crispy Fingerling Potatoes.

Fragrant and savoury. Their miso coconut broth tasted exactly like green curry and nothing goes better with green curry than seafood. Their Manila clams were cooked perfectly and incredibly juicy.

The fingerling potatoes took me by surprise. They looked like deep fried golden beets.

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Dr. Octopus and Mr. Tuna: Octopus and Albacore Poke Salad with Pickled Veggies, Pine Nuts, Sesame, Tonkatsu Sauce, Torched Miso Mayo and Flavoured Rice.

This was my favourite dish. Not only did it taste like an aburi pizza, but all the ingredients were so good.

The octopus and albacore tuna were fresh and there was just the right amount of sauce to really taste the rice and the seafood instead of masking over it.

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Jell-O: Oolong Infused Yuzu Jello with Condensed Milk Ice Cream, Strawberries, Raspberries, Edible Flowers, and Crispy Salted Caramel

Lastly, we ended our dinner with a bang. An innovative twist on various types of desserts placed into one.

Their condensed milk ice cream was sweet and creamy while the oolong infused yuzu jell-o gave it a summery and fresh feel to the dessert.

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