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Time for another group date! This time, we decided to go to Richmond for some xiao long baos for dinner because Cho and I were craving for Shanghai cuisine. Located right in between Lansdowne and Richmond Brighouse, Top Shanghai Cuisine is an easy walk from both Skytrain stops. The restaurant was crammed with people and luckily since Cho made reservations, we snatched a four seater right in the middle of the restaurant within 5 minutes after we arrived. However even sitting at the middle of the restaurant, servers often ignored us and were quite rude.

*I forgot to take photos of the noodles that we ordered, we were too hungry and the food was delicious. We had the Shanghai Fried Noodles and the Shredded Chicken with Bak Choy in Noodle Soup.

2014-03-29 18.27.52

This is none other than the Xiao Long Bao (CAD4.99) with thin radish slices at the bottom. The trick to successfully pick up a XLB is to pick it up with your chopsticks at the top of the XLB so the soup won’t leak out of the bao. Extreme chopstick skills are needed and if you’re worried about breaking it, use your spoon to hold it once you pick it up. Inside the XLB  is a juicy and hot pork meatball that melted in my mouth once I ate it. I noticed that the pork was slightly pink, so it was extremely tender. The broth inside was hot, natural, clear and rich with pork flavours.

2014-03-29 18.33.18

The Green Beans with Chili Sauce was a much needed vegetable dish for our dinner. The chili sauce was indeed spicy and thrown in with the minced pork made it extra juicy with pork flavours and hot chili. The beans were a bit under cooked in my opinion and I thought there was a bit too much oil in this dish. Congee Noodle House does a better greens beans with chili sauce.

2014-03-29 18.31.25

The Shredded Chicken Breast and Green Bean Starch Sheets in Sesame Sauce (CAD7.99) is an authentic Shanghai dish. I would usually eat this as an appetizer given it being a cold dish, but the portion was too big for an appetizer. Back in Hong Kong at Ding Tai Fung, they would garnish the dish with cucumber strips but they added peanuts and green onions to this one.The green bean sheets were slippery and smooth to eat. The shredded chicken gave the green bean sheets a chewy texture but slightly dry if eaten separately. The sesame sauce was rich in flavour and tasted more like salty peanut butter, overall, I liked this dish.

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