Tomokazu Japanese Restaurant

This is a long overdue post.

It was Chris Neel’s birthday, and he invited me to Tomokazu for an all-you-can-eat dinner. Sharon was at the VANEATS Mosaic Harvest dinner so she couldn’t make it. Therefore, the food blogging was handed over to me for this one. I was careful to not order too much this time unlike my moment at Kyung Bok Palace, and this place was pretty decent and great for big dinners. The restaurant was crowded, but service was quick and attentive.

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2013-11-29 19.23.04

I had a giant plate of edamame to myself. I love this stuff. As per the photo, the salmon and other fish sashimi was good and fat. They tasted fresh and just like your average sashimi. Funny and sad story, I have actually had previous experiences in which the fish was frozen and hard to bite.

2013-11-29 19.23.07

You can judge the food and our expressions, for yourself! All of us just kept going at the food and we ordered big. After a few rounds, I was pretty full. Sushi overall was average just like sushi at Sushi Garden with your typical California Rolls, Dynamite Rolls and so on. Given the price for the all-you-can-eat, quality and service was pretty good!

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