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When it comes to Japanese restaurants, I would stick with one or two usual restaurants and occasionally visit some of my favourite ones. Recently, both of my usual Japanese restaurants have decided to change their menus and ownership. Given that nothing great really comes from a drastic change in a restaurant, I knew that I had to find a new place to replace the two tragedies.

I’ve heard about Tokyo Thyme for a while now but was never motivated to go. Since I was on the hunt for a new Japanese restaurant, Tokyo Thyme was on my testing list. Snuggled away from the busier streets in Kerrisdale, Tokyo Thyme is a small Japanese restaurant with less than 10 tables available. Despite its size, the restaurant was quite homey and comfortable. You would see families coming in for a simple and casual Japanese dinner. There wasn’t any loud Japanese greetings or big crowds, so it was comfortably quiet. The chef is also a huge fan of French Bulldogs or dogs in general so you’ll see all sorts of dog related decor in the restaurant.

After my experience at Tokyo Thyme, I realized that this restaurant is definitely a hidden gem.

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House Special Sunomono

Their house special sunomono is a favourite at Tokyo Thyme. Wrapped in thin cucumber strips, the house special sunomono roll is filled with all sorts of fish meat and vegetables. Below is a bed of seaweed and sweet vinegar for a refreshing kick.

I really enjoyed this roll and I thought it was a perfect summer dish. It was fresh, cool and quite delicious. Forget the wasabi and soy sauce because the roll is already packed with flavour.

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Chirashi Combo

Chicken Udon with Assorted Sashimi on Rice

You get a choice of chicken or beef udon with any of the combos. Since we wanted to eat lighter, both of us opted out for chicken.

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Their chirashi don was very fresh and clean. The portion was slightly smaller than the chirashi don at Sushi Itoga but nonetheless, it was pretty good because it tasted so fresh.

2016-03-18 19.11.49-2

I’ve noticed that everything at Tokyo Thyme is quite simple. Here is the chicken udon cooked in a dashi stock with bits of vegetables and chicken meat on the side.

Since our dons were quite flavourful, the udon helped simplify things a bit more.

2016-03-18 19.15.53-3

Zuke Combo

Chicken Udon, Tuna Sashimi Marinated in Spicy Sesame Sauce over Rice

I love poke and when I was in Hong Kong, I had poke almost every week at Pololi. Since Vancouver does not have a designated poke stop yet, I was pretty excited when Tokyo Thyme had a tuna sashimi marinated in sauce with rice.

This was incredibly savoury. The spicy sesame sauce wasn’t that spicy but it was perfect with the tuna sashimi. Again, the sashimi was very fresh and it went perfect with the avocado slices and rice.
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