The Reef

Summer time calls for more meat and spiciness and no more ramen or hot pots for a while. We needed something spicy and away from the usual Asian cuisines that we would go for, so Caribbean food was the first choice. I also wanted to get my fingers messy with BBQ or some type of spicy sauce. We got to the The Reef on Commercial Drive at around 6pm and got ourselves a comfortable sofa seat next to the patio. Shortly after we arrived, the dinner rush came in.

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Before our entrées came, they served us complimentary Johnny Cakes with hot sauce and herbed garlic. I’ve never had or heard of Johnny cakes but they were delicious. They only came with two cakes every serving and each cake was around bite size like a Timbit. Their hot sauce was also unique and not our average Sriracha. I am not sure what brand the hot sauce was but I am sure it is there speciality since you can purchase a bottle at the restaurant.

2014-05-10 19.02.09

I had a Jamaican Chicken Breast Jerk (CAD14) with slaw and rice and beans on the side. The brown sauce is what they call the “jerk” which is a soy, tomato, spice, garlic, scotch bonnet peppers and ginger marinade. I have to say that the sauce was quite hot after a few bites and a bit too spiced for me when I had to finish the last few bites. On the other hand, this was a summery and exotic dish that I would enjoy on a beach or right after I scuba dive. Regardless of it being a bit too strong, I did enjoy it marinated into the chicken breast.

2014-05-10 19.02.49

Jacky had the Island Thyme Chicken (CAD15) with mashed potatoes and grilled zuchinni and carrots. Away from the hot taste in my dish, the sauce used with this chicken had a sweet coconut milk taste to it. Overall it wasn’t different from what I ordered other than the mashed potatoes and the coconut sauce. Jacky thought that the creaminess from the coconut sauce made the mashed potatoes even heavier than usual, but he still finished and enjoyed his entrée.

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