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One thing I love about Vancouver is the fresh seafood available at all restaurants. I was raised in an Asian family and when it comes to seafood, we have little thought of oceanic sustainability. Many of the protected sea creatures in Canada are popular dining orders in Hong Kong including the mantis shrimp, seasonal mud crabs and shark fin. After my final years of high school and my current years of dining in Vancouver, I have learned to appreciate certain ocean conservation efforts. When I got my diving license this summer, I’ve realized how much we’ve actually damaged the ocean and having been able to go into another world of coral beds and sea creatures, the experience has impacted me and my seafood indulgences.

I heard of The Fish Counter after working with Mijune in Follow Me Foodie’s 6 Course Discourse in 2015. Priding themselves on sustainable seafood, I have a lot of respect for Chef Robert Clark and his team for pushing this important message to the public. I was very excited to try The Fish Counter when I arrived and I knew that I was up for something good after trying their shrimp ceviche at 6 Course Discourse. Other than cooked bites, The Fish Counter also sells fresh seafood and seafood condiments in their store. Sometimes the food is more than the taste, it’s also about the story behind it.

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Greek Taco

What’s in it: Oven Roasted Cod, Herbs, Lettuce and Tzatiki.

The cod had minimal hints of oil so it felt healthier and simpler. Unfortunately, I found this a bit too dry and simple for my taste buds.

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Crab and Shrimp Baguette

What’s in it: BC Dungeness Crab, Arugula, Sea’Chi, and Saffron Mustard Aioli.

Deliciously juicy and packed with crab and shrimp, this was the perfect seafood lover’s baguette. Everything was rich in flavour and texture and I loved it so much that I would just grab a few of these to go and bring them home to eat.

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BC Bouillabaisse

I absolutely loved their bouillabaisse because it had all the flavours of the ocean in one bowl. The stew wasn’t heavy in texture so it was so easy to finish without feeling too full.

The fish stew was bursting in flavours from the onions, tomatoes and seafood. In fact, there were all sorts of seafood inside such as salmon, clams, shrimp, and other fish.

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