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Walk a block away from The Famous Warehouse CAD4.95 per meals and head to The Factory for CAD5.95 per meal. The Factory is similar to The Famous Warehouse (F.W.) in terms of food quality and the lively pub atmosphere including music blasting so loud that it was uncomfortable for me. However even if these two cheap restos are same in many ways, I spotted a few differences.

1. The menu at The Factory was not as diverse as F.W. with mostly Western dishes including enchiladas, sandwiches, pasta and what not. Referring to my previous review on the F.W., their menu has more desserts, Asian dishes and appetizers making it more tempting to go back so I won’t have to eat the same thing over and over again.

2. Service at The Factory is better at the F.W. or maybe we were just lucky. The waitress was very nice and efficient with our food which took roughly 15 minutes to prepare. I was starving already so I wasn’t talking much, so  the waitress came up to me and told me that my food was coming very soon and she wasn’t lying about it! Why thank you for caring! At the F.W., even though I have been there three times already…I was often ignored by the servers so that wasn’t very nice ):

2013-08-28 18.14.16

Dimmed lights, loud music, Jack Daniel bottles for every table as water jugs, music posters as wallpapers and a pub…sounds like an average cheap eats chillax resto.

2013-08-28 18.31.37

I missed my mom’s hearty Shepherd’s Pie (CAD5.95) back in Hong Kong so I decided to order the Shepherd’s Pie from The Factory since apparently their little short description said that it was better than my mom’s. Well that’s a NO, but it was still hearty with lots of gravy, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, onions, beef and cheddar cheese. Sounds about right but I had to occasionally munch on my salad to clear my taste buds and my appetite since the gravy and mashed potatoes were so filling!

2013-08-28 18.31.54

Of  course the typical Spaghetti Carbonara (CAD5.95) that was too oily for me but so thick and filling. As usual the spaghetti was tossed with green onions, bacon and tomatoes in creamy white carbonara sauce. 

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