The BBT Shop

Bubble waffles suddenly became a huge thing after The BBT Shop opened. The BBT Shop is located at the carpark right below Superstore in Richmond. The location is super convenient for anyone who goes to Superstore and anyone who walks nearby would smell bubble waffles from afar.

The BBT Shop was quite spacious but with limited seating. We got there at around 7:30pm so we were lucky to get a seat near the door. At around 8pm – 8:30pm, people started to flood in and many were standing around waiting for seats. I think they could actually put more seats for people because a good quarter of the restaurant was just empty waiting space.

Other than bubble waffles, the BBT Shop also has quirky and super loaded bubble drinks.


Cookies and Cream Bubble Waffle

There was absolutely no way I could finish this alone. The warm chocolate bubble waffle was topped with cookie crisp, powdered sugar and a large swirl of whip cream. On the side was a delicious scoop of vanilla bean cream. I have a sweet tooth but even my sweet tooth couldn’t handle this.

The bubble waffle was surprisingly light and not too heavy but everything else weighed it down. The texture was slightly crunchy with a soft and airy interior. The whipped cream made the centre ones too soggy so we tried our best to scoop away the whipped cream.

Speaking of the whipped cream, you might as well eat the vanilla bean cream and just forget the whipped cream.

This was definitely extremely sweet and heavy. I wouldn’t go back because after I was done, I just sat in the car and I could just feel my blood sugar levels rising.

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