Thai Express

For a quick bite, I wanted something lighter at the food court on Burrard Street other than the burgers and tacos. I was also really interested with the take out boxes for Thai Express, so I decided to go for it. I always see the little Chinese take out boxes in the movies, and since we don’t use those in Hong Kong, I wanted to try it out for the first time.


The package was cute but I felt like it wasn’t very stable just holding the box by the metal handle, so I held it from the bottom. I realized that it was actually pretty difficult to eat from this box. My chopsticks didn’t reach all the way to the bottom so I had to slide the noodles off the sides in order to eat it.

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The box was ¬†jammed with noodles and it took me a while to finish the meal. I had the Pad Thai with Chicken and I enjoyed it for the first few bites. Afterwards, I started tasting ketchup in the sauce and that’s when my dreams shattered again while eating pad thai – they used tomato sauce or ketchup instead of tamarind sauce. In addition, their bean sprouts tasted a bit raw but the sauce was strong enough to cover that taste. On the good side, I would actually get this again. For some reason, I was satisfied with it.

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