Taishoken Ramen

Summer time is not the best time to eat ramen but sometimes there are exceptions. I walked pass the newly opened Taishoken Ramen a few days after they opened but completely forgot to go. Surprisingly, Jacky heard about the new ramen place so he took me for a dinner there.


Shoyu Ramen (CAD10.75 large)

Typical shoyu ramen but they had a lot of really juicy and fatty pork added into it.

The soup was thicker than other ramen we’ve had, making this ramen heavier and more filling.


Tsuke-Ramen (CAD11 regular)

Dipping ramen in a thick pork broth soup is a first for me. I usually have soba noodles so I loved this innovative way of eating ramen.

Since the noodles were lukewarm and the soup was hot, this was the perfect ramen for the summer. I wasn’t sweating while slurping the noodles.

The noodles were thicker and chewier than other ramen I’ve had. It wasn’t a bad thing because the soup was thick.

Again, I had several pieces of fatty pork in my ramen making the Tsuke-Ramen quite worth the money.

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