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I heard about Ta-Korea when I attended Sassy’s food event in the summer and was introduced to the owner, Ah-Young. Back in 2015, they were considered a new Mexican-Korean restaurant but since their name got around, everyone knows them now.

Located on the busy intersection on Wellington Street and Lyndhurst Terrace, the entrance to Ta-Korea is literally a tiny hole in the wall that leads straight to their underground restaurant. Even though it is hidden from the busy street, the restaurant was quite spacious and colourful with a vibrant grafitti artwork on their wall.

The menu is simple. You choose three types of meet or a vegetarian option to go with your rice bowl, taco or burrito. Almost everything is made in-house especially the owner’s secret kimchi recipe which is a must a try.

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Ta-Korea Beef and Kimchi Fries

I had their beef and kimchi fries when I attended Sassy’s Hong Kong’s food event in the summer.

I loved how soft and savoury the beef was with the spicy and mildly sweet sauce on top. The fries were quite hot and the cheese was the perfect addition to a very contemporary Asian poutine (in my opinion).

2015-07-11 13.50.05-1

Kalbi Beef Tacos

Their tacos were served on a soft shell corn taco which quickly softened and moistened up because of the beef. It got a bit messy when I was mid eating and I would have preferred crunchy tacos.

I have to say that their beef is pretty amazing. Bathed in a sweet Korean BBQ sauce, their kalbi beef was sweet and tender. Of course, I had to add some spiciness to the taco so I also had their butter kimchi added in.

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