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There is something about Sushi Mart that always makes me come back. It isn’t only the incredibly great price for their sushi, but it’s something about their rice that makes their sushi delicious. In addition, free miso soup is given once you order anything from Sushi Mart. I’ve came here several times during lunch hours at work but I decided to take Jacky on summer solstice.

Sushi Mart is opened during lunch hours and dinner hours. You basically order at a till and your sushi is quickly served shortly after you sit down. We got there at 4:55pm and we already saw people waiting outside of the restaurant for their doors to open at 5pm. I already knew what I was going to get and I highly recommended Jacky to order their Chirashi Bowl because it would definitely fill him up, the price was amazing for the amount of raw fish given and he is a huge sashimi fan.

Sushi Mart is a partner of the Ocean Wise program.


Chirashi Bowl (CAD12.50)

What’s in it: Salmon roe (ikura), octopus, salmon, squid (ika), cooked prawn (ebi), albacore tuna, tofu, Japanese yellowtail (hamachi) and rice.

Each piece of sashimi was thick, fresh, cold, juicy and fat. Not only was the Chirashi Bowl filling but it was also refreshing for the hot summer day.

There was a good balance of rice and sashimi so there wasn’t anything left when Jacky was done. We’ve had pretty bad chirashi bowls in the past where there was too much rice and the sashimi was paper thin.


Masago (CAD1.50 per piece)

The masago tasted quite bland because the rice had a stronger taste from the sushi vinegar. I was also surprised at how yellow the masago was but overall it was fine.

Spicy Tuna Roll (CAD3.50)

What’s in it: tuna, green onions and spicy sauce.

I just want to say how amazing this roll was. The tuna was cold fresh and the spicy sauce wasn’t too hot until the last few bites. I order this every time I come to Sushi Mart so I would highly recommend this.

Pacific Roll (CAD4.50)

What’s in it: Wild salmon, imitation crab meat, cucumber, masago and mayo.

I wasn’t a fan of this roll since the imitation crab meat became a bit overwhelming at the end.

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