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Sushi by Yuji

Sushi by Yuji is one of the only places in Vancouver where I would go for fresh and simple sushi. After my trip to Japan last summer, I’ve always been on the look out for simple and authentic sushi in Vancouver. One thing I’ve noticed in many sushi restaurants in Vancouver is their tendency to add a ton of sauce and toppings on their rolls. Rarely would you be able to find good nigiri sushi when there’s the option of innovative rolls. Since my friend was visiting from London, I decided that we should visit Sushi by Yuji for something a little more authentic.


Tuna Carpaccio

Topped with green onions, sesame oil and pepper, their tuna carpaccio was heavenly. The flavours were simple and balanced that I could taste the fresh tuna.


Spinach Gomae

I really enjoyed the hints of sweet and savoury flavours from the sauce and the spinach wasn’t overcooked till it was soggy. If they made this into a snack,  I could eat this all day.


Tuna Donburi

Since I fell in love with their tuna carpaccio, I took the liberty to order a tuna donburi for myself. It was very simple – tuna with ginger, wasabi and Japanese sushi rice. There was something about the texture of the rice that didn’t require any soy sauce and it still tasted amazing. Simple donburi but strong in natural flavours from the tuna.


Deluxe Assorted Sushi

Their selection of nigiri sushi was also exceptional. The fish would melt in your mouth and unlike most places, nothing tasted fishy.


Deluxe Assorted Sushi

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such beautifully presented maki rolls in Vancouver before. In addition, notice that the rolls have a seaweed exterior instead of an interior one.


Quail Egg on Tobiko and Quail Egg on Negitoro

I wouldn’t recommend the quail egg on negitoro because the texture of the tuna and the egg wasn’t the best combination. Meanwhile, the quail egg on tobiko allowed the egg to seep into the tiny eggs making it very creamy and savoury.

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