Every time I get off work, I would walk pass Sura and there would always be a line up. I assumed that a line up meant that the restaurant was good, so I grabbed Jacky along to try it out. We got there at around 6pm and we had to wait 20 minutes already. We got a pretty large for the two of us in the middle of the restaurant so service was attentive.

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Assorted Appetizers

The kimchi was too sweet for me  and it lacked spiciness. Perhaps if more spice was added in and it was fermented for a longer time it would taste more authentic.

The nori in vinegar was slippery and had a very chewy taste to it. Big bites were too sour, so keep it small.

I’ve never had pickled baby cucumbers but I really liked how cucumbers neutralized the sourness in the vinegar and it was refreshing in each crunch.



What’s in it: Grilled thin ribeye marinated in a sweet bulgogi sauce with enoki mushrooms served in a sizzling plate.

I was very content that this was served in a sizzling plate keeping the beef and the marinade still hot.

The sauce went excellent with the beef but it was quite sweet compared to other bulgogi I’ve had. However, the beef was very juicy, tender and not too dry.


 Dolsot Bibambap

What’s in it: Hot stone pot rice with carrots, mushrooms, zucchini,

I really liked the vegetables and the amount of mushrooms added into this which made it a vibrant dish in presentation and taste.

I realized that there were these slippery, see through squishy things added into the bibambap that gave the overall dish a really weird and slimy texture.

Rice was a bit crunchy and flavourful just the way I like it.

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Gam Ja Tang

What’s in it: Rich pork bone soup with potato and assorted vegetables.

In this small soup, we found five large pork bones. Given the price we paid, it’s an extremely good deal. However, the soup once again, lacked spiciness and what kind of Kam Ja Tang isn’t spicy?!

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