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I didn’t plan on doing a Dine Out Vancouver this year but since I wanted to check out Supermarine in Kitsilano, I decided to try some of their Dine Out dishes with additional orders on the side.

Supermarine is located on Yew St. in Kitsilano, right next to Chewie’s Oysters. Being a sister restaurant of Wildebeast, Supermarine prides themselves on sustainable, local and fresh ingredients for their dishes and their impressive cocktail list. When we arrived at Supermarine, we were told that the restaurant was completely booked up till 9:30 but there were bar seats available for us. Since we weren’t looking for anything too fancy, we went for the bar seats and were ushered to a more secluded section of the restaurant. I liked our own corner at the bar so we could talk and enjoy our meal without bumping elbows with other people.

The first thing I noticed at the bar was there extensive list of spirits and liquors. Compared to some of the bars I’ve been in Vancouver, Supermarine had a pretty impressive selection. Since they had the Botanist gin available, I had to order a gin base cocktail.

2016-01-22 18.22.55

2016-01-22 18.16.05

Smoked Whitefish Homemade with Hot Sauce, Creme Fraîche, and Buttered Saltines

Delicious and pleasantly pungent, the smoked whitefish creme fraiche was a great way to start the meal.

With hints of sourness and crunchy bits, the creme fraiche and hot sauce really tickled my taste buds to prepare me for the main course.

2016-01-22 18.25.58-1

Squid Ink Spaghetti Humboldt Squid, Rapini, and Chilis.

Prepare for some extreme garlic flavours because all those yellow bits on top of the spaghetti are garlic bits. Surprisingly, I didn’t find it to overwhelming and it was actually quite spicy with the chilis.

The spaghetti texture was just the right amount of chewiness and since there wasn’t sauce, you could really enjoy the spaghetti.

The squid pieces were a bit bland and I was hoping for another type of preparation than this.

2016-01-22 18.26.12

Grilled Flat Iron Steak with Nori Potato Puree, Watercress, and Smoked Fingerlings.

The grilled flat iron steak had the perfect red brick centre that oozed with meaty flavours once I bit in. The meat was extremely tender and satisfying, which was why Jacky pretty much devoured all of it before I could get an extra piece.

To me, the highlight was the nori potato puree. It wasn’t mashed potato and the texture was very creamy and savoury.

2016-01-22 18.52.54-1

Chocolate Semifreddo Toasted Marshmallow, Graham Crumbs, and Smoked Salt.

A chocolate semifreddo isn’t ice cream or chocolate mousse. With flavour and texture elements from both desserts, the chocolate semifreddo is in between ice cream and chocolate mousse. Therefore, it doesn’t leave you feeling too heavy or filling after finishing.

The smeared toasted marshmallow with the graham crumbs and smoked salt were the perfect complimentary additions to the chocolate semifreddo. Everything on this plate was a beautiful mash up of bliss.

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