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Sharon and I were interested Sunny Spot Cafe for three reasons: (1) it was in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood; (ii) it offered noodles in soup, which were desirable in the chilly weather; and (iii) it received positive reviews from other bloggers. So we did what most people would do, we thought that we should give it a try. We would often see people eating there at night and we assumed that it was also popular in the neighbourhood.

We left with great disappointment. The food and the decor were a nightmare and there’s a reason for why it is rated 3-stars on Yelp.


I ordered a Lamb and Vegetable Noodle Soup because I love mutton. I paid $7 bucks for this “bowl” of noodles with mere traces of meat. It may be a blessing in disguise because the noodles were quite delicious and unique but the lamb meat was overly cooked, and the taste was bland. The noodles weren’t good enough to make this a good bowl of noodles. Everything else pretty much brought it down.


Sharon ordered a Beef Noodle Soup—it’s not the actual name (I forgot the name, sorry!) but you can find it on a poster in the restaurant. We paid a similar price for this bowl of noodles. While there is more meat and the taste is better, Sharon got a stomach ache afterwards. There was so much MSG in the soup, the radish was bitter and the vegetable portions were pitiful.

Sharon also mentioned that occasionally she would bite into a piece of beef and it would be as if she was eating a cube of salt. While at other times, some beef would actually taste like beef. It’s like a minefield here. Is Xi’An food normally this salty and poisoned with MSG? (Sharon wrote this last part)

I think that the final insult to the injury was that the restaurant charged me $2 for bland tea. For bland tea! They gave me a teapot with the tea bag inside so it wasn’t even loose leaf tea. Come on! The tea bag had an unrecognisable brand … and I can attest to you that it was not premium tea. At least give me better tea next time if you’re going to charge $2.

Thanks for reading my rant. I guess “Sunny” Spot Cafe gave us a thunderstorm afterwards. Ain’t no sunshine when you’re eating there, only rain and misery.

– Jacky

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