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Managed by the same group that owns Kingyo Izakaya and Rajio, Suika is a modern fusion Japanese tapas restaurant at Fairview. Needless to say, their interior was just as urban and quirky as Rajio. With a sake-bottle chandelier and contemporary restaurant interior and menu, Suika is a popular spot for many Vancouverites for dinner and large group parties. I went on a Friday night at around dinner time and Suika was packed with people. Since they do get very busy for big groups, Suika does take reservations.

The server told us that we would have to wait 45 minutes before it was our turn but we got lucky and found seats at the bar within 10 minutes after our arrival. I was very impressed with how fast the food came and the servers were incredibly nice and attentive. I wasn’t surprised because Japanese owned restaurants always have excellent service and I’ve never had a bad experience at any restaurants in Japan.

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Kakuni Bibambap

Stewed Pork Belly with Sweet Dried Shrimp and Scallions on Rice Served in a Hot Stone Bowl

This was served almost a minute after they placed our order. Presented in a hot stone bowl, we let the rice sit for a while so it the edges of the rice would get crunchy.

Their bibambap was not spicy but it was incredibly savoury with hints of sweetness. All of the flavours were very strong and fragrant and I really enjoyed this.

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Tokyo Oxtail Ramen

Slowly Braised Oxtail and Noodles in a Soy Broth topped with Dried Fish Powder and Scallions.

I could definitely taste the rich soy broth in the ramen. All of the soy flavours have practically seeped into the oxtail and the noodles. However, it did get a bit salty at the end so maybe tone it down a bit.

The oxtail was braised perfectly and the meat fell right off the bone. The meat was succulent, juicy and incredibly delicious.

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Suika Deluxe Box

Suika’s Deluxe Box is a popular order for many first comers. The presentation was excellent and it’s the perfect way to try nine of their appetizers in small bites.

This was definitely fun to eat since I got to pick from different kinds of small cups filled with different bites. Flavours were all over the place!

My favourite choices were the agedashi tofu, grilled saba, spicy cucumber and tuna tataki.

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