Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna

My first thought was “why is there such a big deal over this place?” The line ups are crazy at 6pm and people always walk out with a doggie bag. I hear from some people that the food is extremely filling and the price is incredibly cheap. On the other hand, my professor complains that Stepho’s doesn’t even serve authentic or good Greek food (I think he mentioned how “shitty” it was)….so yes I did go try to see for myself.

We went at around 5pm to avoid the line up and we got a small two seater table near the door. I wouldn’t say that this place isn’t the right spot for a date,but it is extremely busy and noisy. To my surprise the servers were very on task and fast with our orders so that didn’t bother me….some of them were also very good looking.

I don’t agree with my professor but I’ve never had authentic Greek food, so in my opinion I think this place is pretty good but then then I got food poisoning once I got home.

2013-09-27 18.31.33

My boyfriend had the “Roast Lamb Tavernas Speciality (CAD9.95)” with rice pilaf, roast potatoes, Greek salad and vege briami. The roast lamb was perfectly roasted, tender and juicy that even I couldn’t stop eating off his plate!

2013-09-27 18.32.06

Sorry for the not-so-appealing photo but this is my “Steak and Pita (CAD9.95) with Greek salad, mushrooms and fries. The steak was tough but the sauce that they used to marinate the steak was finger licking. I also wouldn’t suggest dipping anything into their white sauce that tasted a slightly funky…maybe that’s why I got food poisoning.

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