Soup Meister

Despite the terrible summer heat in Vancouver, I caught a cold after the Grouse Grind by spending in time in the air con area and out time in the heat. Therefore this short post will be dedicated to the ultimate cold remedy – soup.

If I were to get soup anywhere in Vancouver, I’m riding the ferry to North Van to Lonsdale Quay Market just to buy fresh soup from The Soup Meister. Every ingredient is freshly cut into pieces and simmered in a delicious and hot pot of soup. You could see how fresh the ingredients are once you reach their open kitchen stall at the end of the market- rows of chopping boards with mountains of chopped up vegetables read to be thrown into the soup.

I apologize for the short post. I’m feeling awful and this week has just been a miserable and sick week for me.


Boston Clam Chowder (CAD3.25)

I found so much juicy and chunky pieces of celery, clams and potato in the soup. I liked how the soup wasn’t too thick nor too watery making it easier to fill me up.

The soup also came with a giant piece of bread with butter for you to dip into the soup. The portion might not look too big but it’s good enough to fill me up for a lunch.

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