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The idea of organic, all natural and healthy dim sum is a rare situation in Hong Kong. Most Chinese restaurants add a lot of oil, salt and MSG to their dim sum and main dishes so it was interesting when I found a healthier option. My friend and I made bookings for 7:15pm at Sohofama and we were told that we had to give up our table at 8:30. Whenever restaurants give me a time limit, I assume that the restaurant would be very busy around meal times.

Turns out, my friend and I were late for 30 minutes and they never kicked us out. The restaurant was busy but there weren’t line ups or packs of people waiting outside the entrance. Eventually, we stayed there till 9:15pm and had a comfortable and delicious dinner before heading out for drinks.

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24 Hour Drunken Prawn

These were amazing. Not only did I love the strong liquor taste, but the prawns were so sweet, fresh and juicy. This was a pretty good starter that could be eaten without any rice or condiments.

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Black Truffle Xiao Long Bao

Their XLBs were incredibly fragrant with the black truffle but it wasn’t too strong for Asian taste buds. I really liked how there was clearly a balance between pork and truffle flavours.

These were served hot with rich soup packed inside with a juicy ball of pork.

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Yeung Chow Fried Rice with Organic Spanish Chorizo

Like most Chinese, my friend and I needed some sort of rice or noodle order to fill us up. We were recommended to try their yeung chow fried rice since it was a popular choice for many diners.

Their rice was only average because I didn’t really think there was much difference to the taste except for the additional spanish chorizo thrown in.

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Traditional Shanghainese Pan Fried Pork Buns

I really loved how everything was served hot and fresh. When it comes to traditional Shanghainese pan fried pork buns, their bao was soft with a crunchy bottom and a mouthwatering interior. The juices squirted out once I bit inside and every bite was extremely flavourful.

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