I have always wanted to visit Shishinori ever since I saw their positive reviews on Urbanspoon. I haven’t gone till now because my laziness has prevented me from going the distance to try them out. I was recently walking around the area with Jacky when we unexpectedly came across Shishinori. It was a perfect timing because there were no line ups and we just arrived before the lunch crowd.

Shishinori was very small and minimalistic with a tiny kitchen in the restaurant. Everything looked really cute but I was disturbed that they had a projector playing an anime film on one of their blank walls (I don’t like most animes unless it is Pokemon or Miyazaki). What you see in the kitchen is not what you get though. Their kitchen was simple and small but their food was big in flavours and their presentation was extraordinary with vibrant colours and careful plating.

The only problem I had with their food was how they were all served cold or lukewarm. I wanted something warmer and I expected the rice to be at least warm!


Jacky and I were hoping that portions were not going to be as small as Marulilu and thankfully they weren’t. I was still a bit surprised with the portion because I don’t think normal Japanese portions are usually that big


Real Crab Meat California Bowl

I was very skeptical when I ordered this because is it really “real crab meat”? Are you sure? Turns out, it was actually real crab meat and they were quite generous about it too.

What surprised me a bit was the added mango pieces into the crab meat to give the seafood flavours a sweet and tropical touch. At first, it was quite delicious and unique but later on, the mango overpowers the crab flavours so I had to eat the crab and mangoes seperately.

Beneath the cup of real crab meat was a mountain of brown rice. The texture of the brown rice went very well with the crab meat and it also gave a healthy kick to the dish.

On the side was a spinach salad, edamame, fruits, onions and half of an egg. The salad was very refreshing and the dressing was quite simple with a citrusy flavour to it.


Chicken Chashu Bowl

If you prefer a more protein and savoury option than crab meat with a fruity taste, the chicken chashu bowl is a satisfying lunch to go for.

The chicken was very tender and juicy and I think it was marinated in a soy and sesame sauce (at least from what I’ve tasted). They’re quite addictive.

You’ve got a delicious, filling and healthy option with the four major food groups in a plate – chicken, brown rice, vegetables and fruits.

Shishinori on Urbanspoon


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