Shiobi at Osaka Station

The following day after Uji, our next stop was Kyoto. What I love about Japan is that as long as you’re on the train, you can practically go anywhere. If you’re on the bullet train in Osaka, you can go all the way to Tokyo.

Before hopping on the train at Osaka Station, we had to grab breakfast. It may seem weird for most of you but in Japan, it’s completely normal to have udon or noodles for breakfast. In fact, I’ve grown quite fond of it because it actually keeps me very full for the entire morning and it isn’t too oily compared to McDonalds or bacon.

Unlike the train stations in Canada or US, Osaka Station is enormous that it has around 2-3 malls connected to the station. It’s so massive that you can’t even finish walking around the station in a day! More shopping locations meant more food locations too, so we stopped by an udon shop which seemed quite popular.

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I guess we all got the same thing.

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Udon with Tempura Octopus Fish Cake

What’s in it: Oden egg, spring onions, octopus fish cake,cereal, and udon.

Yes you read the ingredients right. Since it is a Japanese breakfast, somehow cereal found its way into a bowl of udon. They’re almost like corn pops but rice krispy like and you sprinkle it on top your udon. If you eat it quickly, the cereal still has its crunch and flavour. I left it in my soup for a while so when I was done, I was left with a soggy mess. I noticed that the man sitting next to us was eating it like it was cereal and milk.

The udon was not handmade but it was still very soft and not too hard like packaged udon.

The broth was relatively clear and pretty bland to me. Since I got used to heavy and rich ramen broths, this udon broth was too simple for me.

The highlight of this was the octopus fish cake. Not only was it juicy and savoury, but the tempura was so sweet and crunchy. Again, don’t leave it in the noodles for too long or it’ll get soggy like the cereal.

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