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Shilin Night Market

During Christmas, I travelled to Taiwan for the 3rd time to get my street food cravings fixed. Every time I’ve been to Taipei City, I would always stop by Shilin Market for some of Taipei’s best street eats. Not only are the prices incredibly cheap, but the atmosphere is bustling and fun. This year, I decided to not eat anything for the entire day just to feast at Shilin Night Market. If you’re planning on a trip to Taipei, you really cannot miss Shilin Night Market. Not only is there plenty of food, but there are cheap shops, street games and activities at the market.

We went down to the underground street market where all the big food vendors were. Once we arrived, we had to decide which vendor to dine at. Since we’re still unfamiliar with the area, we decided to go to the vendor that had the most people waiting. To my surprise, it wasn’t as good as I remembered.

FYI, if you have a sensitive stomach, I would refrain from eating too much at Asian night markets, besides Singapore.

2015-12-28 20.25.43

Grilled Oysters

Eat at your own risk. Grilled oysters as a street food could be extremely dangerous if your stomach is weak.

These were served half cooked and half raw. Luckily, these oysters did not give me a stomach ache but they definitely were quite fishy and cheap too(makes me question the quality). If you love oysters, you could down these without feeling guilty that you’re spending too much on them.

2015-12-28 20.08.19

Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu is one of Asia’s most popular street foods. Yes, they are incredibly stinky and unbearable to eat if you can’t stand the taste of fart (that’s what they smell like). However, once you bite into it, it’s incredibly juicy and savoury. The smell isn’t so bad once you start digging in.

This was not the best stinky tofu I’ve had. They were a bit bland and only lukewarm. The stinkiness was also a bit lacking so it wasn’t as savoury as I hoped it to be.

2015-12-28 20.08.33

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crabs

These delectable deep fried mini soft shell crabs were perfect with a pint of beer.

The crabs were incredibly easy to eat and super crunchy. They weren’t bursting with crab juice but they were definitely very savoury and fun to eat. Just a dash of pepper on top of the crabs was just right.

2015-12-28 20.19.05

Dumpling Noodle Soup

After all of the deep fried goodness, we needed something warm and wet.

The dumplings were very good and packed with pork and vegetables. Overall, since this was a very nice cleanser from all of the salty deep fried foods we’ve had, I really enjoyed this simple dumpling noodle soup.

2015-12-28 20.59.17 HDR

Deep Fried Milk Cubes

Bless this woman’s heart for having deep fried milk cubes. I had no idea what they were at first, but it sounded amazing.

2015-12-28 21.02.31

Amazing. These were simply amazing. The milk was creamy and hot inside with a crunchy and sweet exterior. I don’t know how to describe this type of bliss.

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For all of the non-underground food vendors, this is what most vendors would look like. Everything is placed in front of you and you get to choose what you want and they would grill it right in front of you.

2015-12-28 19.05.46

Grilled Squid

Grilled to perfection with charred flavours and sweet sauce brushed on top.

The squid was chewy and very savoury with a hint of spiciness. You can’t really walk around a night market without trying grilled squid.

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