Seven Lives

I have always enjoyed mini tacos in Vancouver from La Mezcaleria and La Taqueria, but do they have something similar in Toronto?

I finally got a cousins day away from the grown-ups in the family. I’m lucky that I have a foodie cousin who hunts down different spots and corners of down town Toronto to try out different foods and cuisines. We decided to take a trip to Kensington Market to look at the more hipster side of Toronto since we mostly go to Chinese restaurants or malls with our family. Kensington Market was quite similar to Main Street but I personally thought that Kensington had more diversity in their shopping and food options than what we have here. Shortly after we got there, we were already hungry. We spotted Seven Lives and the small line up inside, so you know what they say – when there’s a line up, it should be good.

There was minimal sitting space in the small taco shop but people didn’t mind noshing down on their tacos while they were standing. We were pretty lucky to get one of the seats near the window so we could actually enjoy our mini tacos. We each got one taco so we could keep eating our way down Kensington Market. In La Taqueria, you would usually see people ordering four tacos at once, but at Seven Lives, most of the people ordered only one or two.


Everything was looking quite colourful in front of us. Now let’s see if the taste matches up.


PSX_20141016_001813Pulpo Enojado

What’s in it: Spicy grilled octopus, salsa verde, tomatoes, onion and lettuce.

Octopus tacos? Yes please! The grilled octopus was heavily seasoned with all sorts of flavour boosting spices. The octopus was also in big and juicy chunks that were not over chewy.

Other than the octopus being seasoned, I needed more spiciness in my taco so I added their salsa verde and another type of their hot sauce. The spice addition was just right.

My taco was a messy and over packed one! Juice was dripping out of the other side as I bit into it and bits were falling out when I tried to close the two flaps of the wrap. Regardless, the taste was like a party in my mouth and I don’t blame them for putting more!



Camarones A La Diabla

What’s in it: Spicy shrimp, cheese and onions.

My brother had the spicy shrimp taco and I’m pretty sure you might need nine lives to finish this if you can’t handle spiciness. Out of our three tacos, this was the spiciest option. My brother said that he could feel his stomach burn a bit after finishing it.

The presentation of the taco was less vibrant than ours, but don’t let the look fool you because the taste was just as vibrant with the hot sauce to kick it up a notch.

For a small taco, there was quite a bit of shrimp in this so it was a pretty good deal.


Baja Fish

What’s in it: Battered and deep fried Mahi Mahi fish, cream sauce, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce.

My cousin went on the more tropical side of things and went with the Mahi Mahi fish taco which wasn’t as spicy but definitely something that you would want to eat while sitting by the pool or at the beach.

The fish was very crunchy and buttery on the outside with the meat and juice sealed in. Similar to mine, this was also a messy taco to devour.

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