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Secret Garden Tea Company

Light sips and pinkies up! All of you readers know that I love to high tea in Hong Kong, but when it comes to Vancouver, high tea is just too expensive for me. This is my first high tea time in Vancouver and I shared it with the fashion and food Instagrammer, Jenny Lee.

The Secret Garden Tea Company is a perfect place to catch up with your girlfriends. The vibe wasn’t too classy that I had to dress up for it, but I definitely needed to wear something other than t-shirt and jeans. The tea house was spacious but unfortunately, we got a crammed corner by the fire place. Of course, as usual, I ordered my own pot of Vanilla Rooibus.

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High Tea Set for Two

The chicken, avocado and pesto sandwich was savoury and flavourful compared to the other salty treats. The high tea is divided so that each person gets two of each pastry and I’m pretty sure I finished my two chicken and pesto sandwiches first.

The Devonshire cream was creamy and pairing it with a piece of banana loaf or scone was totally my cup of tea. You really cannot not have scones for a high tea…please tell me if you know a place who doesn’t serve scones during high tea.

I know the desserts look delicious but I honestly did not enjoy them that much. The lemon tart was too sour and the pastry with the purple swirl on top left a grainy texture in my mouth. I did like the chocolate cake that was very rich in chocolate and creamy but not too heavy at the same time.

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